14. Getting There – Tuesday 9 May 2017

Despite not posting for a few days, I have been busy on the allotment, and the few things I have planted are coming along nicely.

I have a vague ongoing plan in my head:

  • Clear the back fence of all the built up ivy, bramble and weeds
  • Level the old raised beds in the unused area
  • Set up new compost bins
  • Transfer any usable contents of existing heaps to one new bin
  • Dismantle old compost heaps
  • Mark out and build new raised beds along front of plot

At the same time currently:

  • Growing 3/4 bed of onions, adding spring onions
  • Growing one bed of second early potatoes
  • Growing one tub of carrots (see photos)
  • Growing tomatoes and peppers in a greenhouse bed
  • Growing courgettes and other greenhouse bits in a third bed.
  • Trying not to destroy two existing clumps of rhubarb
  • Keeping my fingers crossed for the red apple tree – so far so good.

Plus other jobs:

  • Replace cracked greenhouse panes
  • Sweep out shed properly, repair, re-felt roof and paint
  • Plan full plot for next year, vegetables at front, fruit at back.

It’s all work in progress and little by little all coming together. Two big compost bins arrived today so I need to prepare and level the ground where they are to be placed. That will also allow me to move on with shifting the contents of the exiting compost heaps, ready to dismantle and dispose of the structure when the skip is delivered to the site later this month. Fingers crossed that happens because I’m building up quite a collection of bulk rubbish now.

So, plenty going on, just seems a bit bit slow some days….


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