12. My first month – Saturday 29 April 2017

Spent a full afternoon on the plot today, following a good 3 hours yesterday, the end of my first month since taking over Plot 25.

Yesterday, more clearing of those wicked brambles and ivy along the back fence. However, in shock Health and Safety news, the greenhouse door fell on me! It was all in slow motion, thankfully, and actually it was lucky I was there to catch it otherwise I’m sure the glass panels would have smashed on the side of the compost bins. How did that happen? It turns out that I managed to slide the door open the wrong way and slid it right off its runners leaving it just leaning there. Until it dropped on me. To my relief, it managed to clip back easy enough. I won’t be making that mistake again!

In crop news, the news on the site is the number of allotmenteers, including my next door neighbour, who may have lost their potatoes during the recent hail, sleet and frost episode. There were some very sorry looking plants around, not just potatoes, as many were caught out by the icy blast. Of course it didn’t affect me because I don’t have anything well established enough to have suffered. It’s the talk of the site, and I do feel sorry for those who have lost their plants, all that hard work wiped out overnight. I had a long chat with Jean today, she has been badly affected, bless her!

Today, it was more of the same clearance work, and I like to think I’m making inroads because I can actually see the fence now! But saying that, there has been so much growth over the past couple of weeks, including the overhanging trees coming into leaf, sometimes it feels like I might be treading water. It’s getting there though.

I also tried out my new cordless strimmer today. It was great. I had already tested it out along my lawn edges at home, with great results, a lot more power than my old electric one. But the charge didn’t last very long, the instructions did warn that the battery capacity would start at just 60% until after a few charge and discharge cycles. If that makes sense. I look forward to using it again, I was doing a good job strimming back moss and grass from the paving stones leading to the shed, and there’s a lot more long grass that needs cutting back.

I’m also sifting through the compost in my bin, emptying it out ready to dismantle the ramshackle structure. Still can’t believe the amount of cable ties, plant labels, plastic and other non compostable material that’s in there. The good stuff is being transferred to a large tub ready to plant some carrot seeds and also the raised bed inside the greenhouse, ready to take the donated tomato plants. Mind you, I think I’ll offer them back to my neighbour first, some of his tomatoes got hit by the frost as well and he might be glad of the replacements.

As always, I completed my days giving the greenhouse plants, onions, potatoes and rhubarb a good drink of water. I’m not around tomorrow but back in a couple of days to start month two. I’m really pleased with the progress so far.


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