11. Weeds and grass – Tuesday 25 April 2017

Spent a good 3 hours at the plot on Tuesday, mainly lopping (with new loppers) reachable overhanging tree branches and ivy as well as snipping away at invasive growth along the back fence. Sadly, it probably looks no better than before the growth spurt since I took over the plot on 1 April. I bumped into my knowledgeable neighbour and asked his advice about the bed inside the greenhouse. I was going to get a couple of growbags in there but he said I could add some of the compost from my heap, mix it in with the existing dust, and give it a water. So I set about wading through the compost which actually contains more wire ties and other uncompostable crap than usable material. But, job completed, my reward was my neighbour’s gift of three healthy looking tomato plants which will soon be installed in the new bed.

I’ve been to the plot for the last couple of days too, just brief visits though, to pot the remainder of the seedlings and top up on any required watering. I’m pleased to report that everything is still alive in the greenhouse!

But most of my time has been spent on clearing which, although very therapeutic, is also very slow. Next I’ll need to bring a stepladder for the higher branches and over the top of the greenhouse. I’ve recently purchased a new strimmer, and decided to get a battery powered one so I can use it on the wildly growing grass and weeds on the plot. I’ll report back on how that works when I’ve taken it out of the box.

On a more positive note, the onions are well and truly bursting through the soil and into life, and the potatoes likewise but still looking a bit reluctant. Got jobs at home to catch up with today (Wednesday), which is just as well considering how the weather has suddenly turned to winter! But when my back has recovered from all the bending, I’ll be back with a vengeance!


2 thoughts on “11. Weeds and grass – Tuesday 25 April 2017

  1. Loving all the work you are putting in to your plot and healthy looking tomato plants too.. And once you have got on top of all the clearing you can then see the progress starting to happen.. And tell me about the weather..Oh so cold today.. Hubby went into the allotments on his own this morning while I had a catch up day on the Garden blog and in blog land.. šŸ™‚
    Happy Gardening..

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  2. I’m definitely putting in the hours, and I can see the difference. There is a lot more to do though, but I’m happy to do a little bit at a time knowing I will get there. Thanks, as always, for your positive and encouraging feedback. Debs

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