10. Leggy seedlings – Friday 21 April 2017

Another afternoon spent at the plot, this time I needed to transport my leggy seedlings from my son’s windowsill to the cleaned up greenhouse. My courgettes were running wild and the sprouting broccoli was looking a bit sorry for itself. So, armed with pots and the rest of my seed compost I set about the task. Have to confess, it was all a bit haphazard and it didn’t help when I ran out of suitably sized pots, larger ones, and compost too. Alas, the rest will have to wait until I’ve an opportunity to stock up.

Also a chance to give bed 3 another rake and sift of fine roots, and to chop out the last (hopefully) of the fat roots. I’ll probably give this a go each time I’m there until I’m ready to plant my salad seeds, the soil is already quite soft and fine, just those pesky roots!

While there I continued with my clear up, this time lopping overhanging branches from adjoining trees and some rather nasty brambles. I also met Peter and John, father and son I think , although I didn’t ask! The older one, Peter I think, advised me to pull up the weeds invading round my rhubarb and give it a good watering, which I proceeded to do. There’s something quite therapeutic about chopping, pruning and clearing of weeds, making space and creating more light. Plenty more of that to do next time……

IMG_2039 (Small)IMG_2040 (Small)IMG_2042 (Small)IMG_2043 (Small)


One thought on “10. Leggy seedlings – Friday 21 April 2017

  1. You are making great inroads into your allotment.. And there is time yet for your leggy plants to catch up..
    My flower seedlings are not doing so good this year.. I planted Asters and they flourished last year… So I bought another pkt of seeds from the allotment ass’ where I got last years from.. But this year if I have around 12 come up out of around a hundred that is all..

    Your Rhubarb is looking good.. I will put up a good crumble recipe from oats and melted coconut butter and maple syrup.. As its so quick to make.. 🙂 And Spring Rhubarb I always find a lot sweeter then when it gets older.. 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend Gardening. 🙂

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