9. Tidying up the plot – Thursday 20 April 2017

Apart from a quick trip yesterday to collect some bits to take to the dump, this was the first opportunity to spend some time since last Saturday, so I was in for a good afternoon’s worth of work.

I’m making slow but steady progress, two beds in action and a third in progress, if only I would stop unearthing more massive roots that require hacking out! A little bit more done on bed 3, but still a work in progress.

I met a new allotmenteer today, Jean, again very friendly. But I think she may have been dropping a hint about the weeds growing ever taller on my space, neglected while I’ve been concentrating on other things. So I turned my attention to a bit of tidying up, by trimming grass round the edge of the active beds and the border with the main path. Unfortunately the strimmers available for use on site are only available when the shop is open, according to Jean, and my garden shears were blunt, so I set about grabbing handfuls of overhanging weeds while using a pair of grass cutters. Seemed to do the job OK, if not a bit tough on the back after a while. I also dug or pulled up any weeds that had flowers on, mainly dandelions, in the hope that will reduce their seeds spreading to my neighbours. I really don’t know if I was doing the right thing, but it’s done now!

One of my next major tasks is to relocate the compost bins. The existing one is far too large for a small 4 rod plot like mine, and its also located in a prime position where it gets most sun. So I’m planning to dismantle it and build (or buy) new ones over by the fence, a much shadier spot.

The wooden pallet made bin is falling apart, with compost spilling out of the sides where the slats have rotted away, revealed to its full extent as I pulled out the weeds flourishing in its goodness. I shall have to ask my gardening expert neighbour if he has any tips on the best way to go about taking it all down, ready for the bulk rubbish collection that is due to take place on the site next month. I will also need to clear the area where I place my new bins, so plenty to do there.

My last job of the day was to water my two active beds, and I’m delighted to report signs of life in them both, some fresh shoots poking up from a couple of onions and a couple of potatoes springing up as well. It’s a miracle!

It’s approaching 5pm, the clouds are getting decidedly darker although no rain is forecast. Time to say goodbye to my friendly robins and call it a day.


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