8. Spring cleaning the greenhouse – Saturday 15 April 2017

A productive afternoon was spent on the plot today, my first job using an old and rusty pruning saw to remove the fat root from bed 3. It worked a treat, happy with that. Also good to see the little apple tree I have been lucky enough to acquire coming into such pretty blooms, with plenty of bees showing an interest.

But my main job of the day was the prepare the ivy infiltrated greenhouse to play host to some of my seedlings that have been sprouting on the windowsill of my son’s bedroom.

Armed with secateurs, I set about snipping away at this invading peril, pulling away long strands of binding foliage as I went, through edges of glass, corners and cracks, I was actually getting concerned that the ivy might be holding the greenhouse together, in danger of collapse with me on a mission to halt the invasion. But thankfully that didn’t happen, although I did manage to extend a crack on one pane so it is now perilously close to dropping out with the slightest breeze, hence leaving a bucket strategically placed underneath in case it drops before I can replace it. I then used a dustpan and stiff brush to rid the inside of cobwebs and any other bits of loose dirt before giving a really dry and dusty compost bed a turn over, removing a few roots and weeds.

The good thing about a site with a thriving community that has been involved enough to set up its own clubhouse is the access to many amenities, which include tea making facilities, loos etc. Today I availed myself of a nice warm bucket of water, before adding some Flash to clean down each pane of glass, inside and out. I’ll never make it as a window cleaner, but I did manage to brighten up a sad looking greenhouse today. The robins were enjoying popping inside for a look around as well!

Next time I hope to finish off clearing and leveling bed 3 in readiness for planting of various lettuce seeds and spring onions, plus a few other bits, including the windowsill seedlings, once I’ve sussed out which ones can go outside and which ones should go in the sparkly clean greenhouse. I have tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, sweetcorn, and sprouting broccoli.

A good day’s work, if I say so myself. Other commitments may keep me away for a couple of days, but looking forward to getting back there as soon as possible.



4 thoughts on “8. Spring cleaning the greenhouse – Saturday 15 April 2017

  1. I will comment using my garden blog this time .. Your allotment site sounds to be well organised.. Unfortunately ours has not been run as good as some in nearby areas.. We only have cold water tanks at intervals through the allotments.. I would say there are over a hundred plots on our site….So we take flasks and no such thing as toilets.. 😉
    You have made a really good job of Spring cleaning the greenhouse..
    We now have put the grow bags into our allotment greenhouse and hubby put the canes in place.. But its given low temps here in the Midlands this week so we are not transferring the tomatoes from the more sheltered green house at home until next week…

    Happy Gardening

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    1. Thanks, Sue. I’ve never had a greenhouse before so I’m a bit unsure when I should and shouldn’t use it. All very much trial and (mainly) error for me, but I don;t mind that, probably the best way to learn.
      I’ll probably look to get rid of the bed that’s already in there and replace, for the moment at least, with a couple of grow bags. Seems safer that way. I love it though, all so interesting to learn totally new things.

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      1. Only just saw this comment Deb.. This is why I have to comment using my main blog.. as it never registers back to me with my garden blog.. ( They don’t tell you these things when you take a second blog on.. That you have to keep changing gavitar main blog lol. ) I started the garden blog as I would load lots of pictures to my main one, but as its free, its filling up fast.. So transferred my garden and walks etc to Dreamwalker’s Garden.

        You will soon get used to your Greenhouse.. There are no hard and fast rules.. Just remember to harden off your tender plants before planting into ground.. So bring them on their trays into a cold frame or under a cloche .. You saw we put the cabbages under the green Cloche and got them used to the colder outdoors before planting in their positions.
        We put our Leeks and Chard out but will bring them back in again Sunday as its give temp very cold where we are further North.. We’ve put our Tomatoes in.. But Hubby as protected with bubble wrap for now.. As they were getting pot bound..

        Have a lovely weekend.. 🙂

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