7. Potatoes are buried – Wednesday 12 April 2017

Another couple of hours or so under my belt, sadly with no assistance from uni daughter today. She thought yesterday was hard work!

Luckily I’m made of sterner stuff as I decided that bed 1 would be for my second early potatoes, a variety called Estima. Alas, still unable (and impatient) to achieve that ‘fine tilth’, instead I added and mixed in some compost from the bin (which I forgot to mention yesterday that apparently someone, or more than one person, had been helping themselves to my newly acquired pile of goodness, according to my source at least!) So, determined to make good use of it, I shoveled plenty in to the bed, mixed it in, gave it all a sprinkling of water before raking over.

With my trusty lengths of wood I guesstimated four even-ish rows, approximately the recommended 20 (or was it 25?) cm apart, troughs dug allowing for my well chitted spuds to be buried 5cm down. With 28 seed potatoes covered over and watered, hopefully some will at least yield something worthwhile to eat over the coming months. Being new to all this, I’m still not entirely convinced this vegetable growing malarkey will actually work!

With that done and beds 1 and 2 now planted up (although still a bit of spare space in bed 2), I turned my attention to getting down and dirty with the massive roots being unearthed in bed 3.


It’s not pretty, but it will take more than a rake handle sized beast of a root to beat me, I just need to acquire a saw or something because it’s a bit big for my large loppers to deal with. Trouble is, being positioned next to the edge of the site means I’m also next to a small wooded area on the adjoining common. It still makes for a lovely spot, so I’ll just have to work that bit harder to get all my beds done, although the first three will keep me going for this year’s planting while I spend some time planning and reconfiguring the other half and the fence adjoining part of the plot.

It’s almost 6pm and time to call it a day. Another new friendly face today, Suzanne, who tells me that it took her around 3 years to get her patch the way she wanted it. I left the site to the always soothing sounds of birds singing in the trees, with our local wild flock of parakeets getting in on the act.


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