5. Small Steps – Wednesday 5 April 2017

A morning trip today, and a chance to make some progress, mindful that I really ought to be planting something soon. I’ve heard a lot about the aspirational ‘fine tilth’ so my first job was to try and break up some of the small lumps on bed 1, so I did a bit of raking there before turning my attention back to bed 2.

When I left bed 2 I had inadvertently (translate: doesn’t know what she’s doing) exposed the roots of what is apparently a rather lovely yellow clematis, which more than one person has expressed a wish to see retained. No pressure then, I gather these plants can be a bit temperamental so my hacking away down below wasn’t going to help. So now I’ve recovered the roots with soil and returned some of the bark mulch so hopefully no one will notice!

Back to the rest of the bed and my random forking and turning of the soil seems to be doing the trick, plenty of fine roots exposed and removed, and plenty of juicy worms dished up for my friendly robins to tuck in to.

Some three odd hours later and a distinctly aching back, I decided to call it a day, beds 1 and 2 looking pretty neat if I do say so myself, just that fine tilth to find.

Another fine day weather wise, it really is a delight to spend time here in my own little world. Got a few things lined up to do at home plus a weekend away, so I’m not sure if I will be back before next Tuesday. I’ll be thinking about what I might plant in each bed, as well as preparing to clean out the ivy encrusted greenhouse.


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