4. Determination – Monday 3 April 2017

A productive couple of hours or so this afternoon, as I finally chopped out the last pieces of pesky roots from my first raised bed.

I met Sue today, a fellow allotmenteer who also happens to be on the committee and writes the newsletters. As with everyone I have met, she was very friendly, happy to offer help and advice. I did ask her how she thought my new raised bed was coming along and she thought it looked too good for potatoes, which are apparently very good at breaking down not so good soil. That made me feel good. I also asked her about getting rid of all the roots and perennial weeds that were filling up my bucket, and she advised I either burn them (being mindful of the site’s rules about bonfires – perhaps an incinerator might be OK?) or take it to the garden waste section of the local dump. Either way, she didn’t advise adding it to the compost heap. Good advice.

So, buoyed by the compliments of my digging skills, I finished raised bed number 1 by leveling it out with a rake, before proceeding on to the next one.

I was the robins best friend, always stopping by to see what juicy worms I had unearthed for them. These robins will never grow hungry! Thankfully no giant roots uncovered in this one (so far). The ground felt a bit more compacted but soft enough to get my fork into it. I was making good progress but decided to call it a day when some menacing grey clouds began closing in.



5 thoughts on “4. Determination – Monday 3 April 2017

      1. I picked some Rhubarb today and made a crumble.. I had almost forgot about it as we put a large tub over it with an open top to help draw it a little.. I took it off today and was surprised how it had grown.. The crumble went down a treat πŸ™‚

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