3. More Digging – Sunday 2 April 2017

I’d made a pretty good start the day before, but today I was back to the plot with a vengeance, ready to literally dig in and get that small bed ready for something to plant, perhaps those Second Early seed potatoes I am currently chitting? (See, I sound like I know what I’m taking about already – thanks YouTube!)

But first breakfast. I’m fortunate that the allotment site has a thriving and so far friendly community and for Garden Members a cooked breakfast with tea and toast is a steal at £2.75. Who am I to refuse, especially as it sets me up for the day? And talking of friendly, I was given a bag of onion sets, variety called Stutgarten, and also offered some wood for making raised beds.

Suitably fuelled, I eventually set about my task, digging deeper with my trusty fork, breaking up lumps, pulling out weeds and disturbing a few worms and red ants. But things didn’t quite go to plan. Roots, more roots, and bloody big ones at that. Once I’d managed to reveal the network of root branches criss-crossing their way all over my raised bed, they resembled a train map. After a couple of hours and the full (I thought!) reveal of the roots, I left it at that and headed home for a break.

An hour or so later I returned. I dug deep, I wiggled my fork around, I got on my hands and knees, but that multi-pronged blighter wouldn’t budge. The only thing I could do was cut it, and as deep in the ground as possible. Now released I thought that would do the trick but no, all it did was reveal new branches heading off ever deeper in another direction. Sigh! But I kept at it, chopping it out bit by bit until just one section remained. But by this time it was approaching 6pm, my energy levels had well and truly waned and my back was done in.

Time to call it a day, but not before a quick survey of my ivy encompassed greenhouse as I chopped a few bits away in readiness of giving the glass a good wash.

Not as productive a day as I would have hoped, but at least it was another gloriously sunny day, my friendly robins dropping by hoping to pick up a few worms and a rather large bee that seemed to be getting a bit cosy under my shed. Time for a long soak in a hot bath….


3 thoughts on “3. More Digging – Sunday 2 April 2017

  1. Great to see you were not about to give up on that root.. 🙂 And the robins and black birds love us gardeners this time of year.. I often throw the odd worm in their direction.. And yes Allotmenteers are a welcoming and friendly bunch.. with lots of shares going on.. 🙂

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