2. Digging for Victory – Saturday 1 April 2017

The day finally arrived to take charge of my very own and very first allotment, so I hotfooted it (ok, drove) over to the new plot, son in tow for some assistance, armed with some tools to start digging my first vegetable bed, taking advice to start small to try and get something going before embarking on a wholesale remodelling of the 4 rod patch.

While son instantly buggered off, I set to work on the better looking of the existing raised beds, raised using rather lovely red and white plastic road digging barriers. They will have to do for now, at least until I have decided on a permanent layout. My neighbouring allotmenteer, I’ll call him Mr Immaculate Plot, was very kind and offered me some wood for raised beds if and when I need them.

I spent a theraputic couple of hours digging with my fork, taking absolutely no notice of the countless allotment digging videos I had viewed on YouTube. But that’s OK, the soil looks in pretty decent condition especially after a few weeds and stones have been removed.

The weather is very springlike, warm and sunny with slight breeze. The local robins are very friendly and there is a lot to be said for being out just listening to the birds singing, a woodpecker pecking, and the distant hum of a petrol mower on the far side of the site.

That’s all for now, time to head off for an afternoon watching football….


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